Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes you just KNOW its going to be a tough, long day.

Work is busy -- I have to learn a brand new system (which SUCKS) because a big client thinks one GDS is better than the other. UGH. I'm re-learning 10 years worth in a matter of weeks and I feel like my brain will explode when something I can do in 2 minutes in one system is taking me TWO HOURS in the new system.

And at the same time, someone else is moody and demanding lots of attention.

(these weren't taken today, but it resembles her mood exactly. HEH).

Not all is bad, though! The weather is actually nice. Real fall weather, crisp and chilly. Not freezing. OH! And I have the Anne of Green Gables Sequel DVD waiting for tonight -- going to watch that with a nice glass of cab sav. Yummm.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some more Vivi photos. These were taken at the beginning of October. Its hard to photograph her as she is in constant motion - usually running AWAY from me *wink*.

Honestly, is there ANYTHING better than a naked (or semi-naked) baby?? Can you blame me for running straight for my Nikon when I saw little Vivi posing next to the sofa, glued to an Israeli DVD she was watching?? Look at that belly.... That butt.... The concentration on her face! Its not easy being a tri-langual baby. Soak it all in, my darling :)

These pictures begged to be taken. I swear.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Will you care to jump into my puddle??

Warm afternoon weather + post-storm..... = fun outdoor exploring for little ms. Vivi....

Yeah, I think I'd like to explore what's on the ground

Hmmm, is that goose poop or dog poop??

Follow me, follow me!!!

Well this looks yummy. Should I taste it?

What?? What do you want?? I only took a little lick! Just a lil' one!

I require a princess treatment....

Going back home with Aba...

Halloween was, without a doubt, fun and interesting. And by far my most favorite holiday thus far. Last year Vivi was too small to comprehend anything, but this year she was able to participate in the festivities. It was an absolute JOY to see her eyes light up with delight and wonder when we put on her costume.

Ladies, let me introduce to you... Our little bumble bee:

We lucked out with warm weather and only a slight drizzle. It helped with the mood of the holiday! Initially Aviv refused to walk up to any door - she would get close, and then turn around and walk the other direction. If we tried to carry her, she would scream. And who wants to be the parent who brings a screaming toddler to someone's door and forces them to trick or treat? So we let her explore and walk along the sidewalk.

In this photo she is actually running away from us in the other direction

When she did eventually agree to go to a door and realized someone gives her a treat, she was ALL FOR IT! From that moment she was game to knock on every door she came across. That's our girl :)

We even trick or treated at the "white house" - a huge house that sits on top of this hill and is so big it probably has a helicopter pad on the roof. A teen opened the door and have us twinkies.

Next to their gate

This is about 1/10th of the house:

LONG frickin' driveway!

Not the "white house" door, but another home. I love how Vivi is looking around. Please forgive the photos qualities - I took these with no flash at dusk

Aviv checking the loot at home

Tasting the wrapping

Oh - its worth mentioning that we trick or treated at Eddie Murphy's house. This is a house he's been trying to sell for 30 million for a couple of years now, and just reduced to 15 million (LOL, totally within our price range now *wink*). Eddie Murphy's brother was there, handing our huge sized snickers and reese's peanut butter packages. After oohing and ahhing over Aviv, he offered her the box and then laughed his ass off when my monkey plunged both hands in and grabbed quite a bit of the treasure! We had to intervene and explain to her she can only take one. He was really nice ;-)