Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes you just KNOW its going to be a tough, long day.

Work is busy -- I have to learn a brand new system (which SUCKS) because a big client thinks one GDS is better than the other. UGH. I'm re-learning 10 years worth in a matter of weeks and I feel like my brain will explode when something I can do in 2 minutes in one system is taking me TWO HOURS in the new system.

And at the same time, someone else is moody and demanding lots of attention.

(these weren't taken today, but it resembles her mood exactly. HEH).

Not all is bad, though! The weather is actually nice. Real fall weather, crisp and chilly. Not freezing. OH! And I have the Anne of Green Gables Sequel DVD waiting for tonight -- going to watch that with a nice glass of cab sav. Yummm.

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