Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random update!

I can't believe its 23 degrees outside and snowing.... This weather sucks! I'm sitting here at work, wondering how long it will take me to dig the car out tonight when I get out of work at 8pm. Ughhh. Not much to report, so I will do a short update.


Was nice. On Saturday we re-visited some potential apartments (more on that later) and then I spent hours doing imaginary apartment decoration in my head. I'm obsessed. On Sunday we drove to Pennsylvania where Emiro's best friend (Joey's)  mom is hospitalized for terminal cancer. Joey called us last week and asked if we could come and visit since they gave her about 3-4 weeks to live. We came along with Emiro's mom (who used to be friends with Joey's mom, since they grew up together) and spent the entire day there. It was DEPRESSING. First of all, being in a hospital sucks. Walking by all those rooms with dying people inside them just made me uber emotional. Second, she was completely out of it - she could barely talk coherently. Ugghhhh. But Joey was really happy to have us there, so it was worth it. 

Apartment Search -

We're in full blown apartment search right now. Since we're not going to buy a home anytime soon (were not planning on pregnancy!) and I'm still traumatized by our last experience, we're going to rent and then re-evaluate in a year or two what we would like to do. Renting right now will provide us with flexibility (should we decide to move to another state) and it would be a good $700-1000 cheaper than paying a mortgage. We have a couple of top contenders we're REALLY excited about, but thats for a separate post. Might I mention how ridiculously expensive it is to live in Northern New Jersey? For $2500 you really don't get a lot -- we mostly found 2 bedroom shitholes for that price range, but I did end up finding a couple of good possibilities.

Car Woes -

These past 2 months we've been hit with car problems.
#1 - coming back from Israel to a collapsed rear windshield - $400
#2 - having to change my front 2 tires which were badly balding - $500
#3 - Emiro's battery suddenly dies - $180
#4 - two days after we fix his battery, the alternator dies - $500

Ughhhhhhhhh. Just looking at those numbers makes me want to curl up and cry :( 

Baby Shower -

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm going to have a baby shower!!! Rachel and Danielle are ever-so-kindly throwing me a baby shower in the middle of April. Now, the reason I say I never thought I would have a shower is not because of superstition, but  simply because in Israel there is no such thing as a shower. I guess the whole judaism superstition prevented this concept from ever taking root in Israel (although that doesn't explain why the concept of bridal showers never caught up in Israel). As a result, I always felt awkward at the thought of being in the middle of so much attention... But like Rachel told me "get over it and enjoy being spoiled!". I only asked for it to be a small group of people and I'm actually getting very excited :)

By the way, my IMA will be there since my parents are coming to visit me (and the belly!) during Passover! WOOOOHOOOOOO! So she will represent all of the family and friends in Israel :D

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