Monday, January 28, 2008

11 Years

On this day, 11 years ago, I met a very special man who turned my world upside down. Our courtship and relationship was not easy at all - we hit plenty of rocky patches between our 2 year long distance relationship, trying to figure out our paths in life, full time work combined with full time school, and other different life events. But in the end, it seems my type A personality, sassy & stubborn Israeli self founds its match in a mellow, intelligent, deeply caring Colombian American. Things are in an upswing and I can honestly say I have never been happier with US.

This is a photo montage we made and showed our guests a couple of days before our wedding -- It summarizes our first 10 years:

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And here are some pictures from this last year:

And, of course, some obligatory honeymoon photos (I don't really have much photos of us together during the honeymoon):

And, a mere three months after getting married, we got a BIG surprise:

We surprised Emiro's mom by framing a "Congratulations GRANDMA!" album

Then we flew to Israel and surprised my parents by giving them a framed ultrasound

Some pictures from our trip to Israel:

I wonder what the next 11 years will bring?!?!?

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Ziva said...

נועושל'ה , מרגש מאוד!!!!!!!!!התמונות שבחרת לשים והסרט נהדרים. אני מאוד התרגשתי לראות אותם. אוהבת אותך, אמא