Monday, October 19, 2009

It was a rather calm, quiet weekend - full of rain, home cooking, and playing. Even though we didn't do quite as much as I had in mind, I felt very content and accomplished by the end of Sunday (and we streeeetched Sunday night - catching up on Ugly Betty and drinking vino until 1:30 am).

Saturday was pleasant enough to venture out of the house (bundled, of course, as it was 42 degrees) and enjoy some fresh air. We decided to check out a local farm that offered pumpkin picking, animal petting etc.

Although it doesn't seem like it, Aviv had a great time looking at some of the farm animals - there were goats, chickens, a lamb, lamas, rabbits, ducks and roosters. I think the lama (and its drool!) were coming too close, too fast :)

Then it started raining so we escaped into a "haunted greenhouse", which was basically a huge greenhouse full of various Halloween decorations. Aviv walked around and took it all in

A little freaked out?

When it stopped raining we went back outside, where I ran after Aviv trying to get her attention for some photos. The girl totally ignored me!! It was hilarious. The ONE time I got her to smile was when she was running, so it came out blurry. Oh well!

She was fascinated by the flowers (which were beautiful.... We bought a smallish plant to bring the holiday spirit to the home!) and spent most of her time smelling everything out there.

We came across some sort of wagon, and Aviv insisted on being driven around in it. After about 10 minutes we decided enough was enough... But she wouldn't have any of it! She refused to come down and just kept demanding (in her jiggebarish language) to pull her.

"pull me using THAT!"

I sneaked on, trying to get a picture with her. "Smile Aviv! Smile!". Ummmm, no. She wasn't having any of that.

Right before leaving we stopped by the farm's store and browsed around. We bought some flowers, a pumpkin, and pure maple syrup. I was surprised to see grade A pure maple syrup for $6.99, so I insisted we buy it, only to find out later in the car that we were charged $26.99 (only a $20 difference!). I called the farm and it turns out the number 2 was blurred out. I didn't make a stink, but it was annoying!

Aviv staring at a mummy statue (complete with rolling eyes) in the store:

While strapping Aviv back in the car seat she FINALLY decided to indulge me with some smiles (thanks honey!) so of course I whipped out the camera and snapped some shots of her pearly whites... And there are quite a few of them - including all of her molars!

Once we got back home Aviv went down for a nap while Emiro worked on a paper and I perused some decorating and DIY magazines. When Aviv woke up she helped me make our new Saturday weekly tradition - home made whole wheat pizzas. She even helped me roll the dough and sprinkle toppings on. It was SO much fun and I am really enjoying creating family traditions. There is just something about it that makes our home more of a .... home. If that makes any sense. And it brings us all closer together by giving us something to look forward to.

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