Saturday, October 11, 2008


Exactly one year ago today, at this time, two lines on a stick changed my world and turned it upside down. You see, dearest of all Aviv's, the furthest thing from my mind was getting pregnant. I had just gotten married, and was knee deep in the fantasy of buying a house, and making plans to apply for an MBA program.

I will admit that I was -- initially -- completely terrified. shocked. overwhelmed. I knew everything was going to change, and wasn't sure if I was ready for it, to be an Ima, to face so much responsibility.

A week later we found ourselves at the obgyn's office, where an ultrasound showed us I was already 8 weeks 6 days pregnant, and for the first time, we saw YOU. We saw you, Aviv. We saw a little peanut, with a flickering heart beat, and we heard that heart beat go WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH. As my hand flew to my mouth (which gasped, "oh!") Emiro teared up and stared at the screen. There you were.

Aviv, the day we found out about your presence in our lives, was the day that changed everything. You are the biggest blessing, the biggest joy. Your arrival closed a chapter of my life, and opened an entire book. You expanded me, my abilities, my compassion, my love. I look at you and I melt. I see your little dimpled knuckles and I melt. I hear you cry and I melt. I watch as you learn to laugh, smile, engage with others, and I melt.

You are my all, my joy, my hopes. The day I found out my had world flipped upside down- well, turns out it was the best day of my life. You have been with me ever since, a constant companian. I love you so dearly, so thoroughly. Words cannot even begin to explain just how much I adore you.

One year ago, today.

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Ziva said...

התרגשתי מאוד לקרא את מה שכתבת. את כותבת מדהים!! זה מחמם את הלב.... אוהבת , נשיקות וחבוקים, אמא