Monday, March 17, 2008

After our (disappointing) "big" ultrasound 2 months ago, Emiro was a sweetheart and insisted on researching places around us that offer 3D/4D ultrasounds. He found a reputable place and negotiated a special package with a huge discount that offered us 2 ultrasounds -- one for now, and one for when my parents arrive. AWWWWWW!

So this weekend we had the pleasure of "seeing" our little cupcake (that's how Emiro has been calling her lately) and it was definitely an amazing experience. Although I have seen 3D/4D images before, I didn't really know what to expect. Would I feel attached to her? Would I think she's alien-like and ugly? Would I get freaked out?

Well, I knew I was in love with her before, but after seeing her sweet angelic face I am head over heels.... How will it be once she's actually here?

The session was about 20 minutes and the little munchkin was asleep the entire time.

First peek at her face (look at that little pout!):

She was in a yoga position the entire time -- BOTH of her feet were resting on her forehead / jabbing her in the eye. We saw her moving her toes and scratch her forehead. In this picture the technician got a shot of her face from BETWEEN her two legs :-D

The entire ultrasound Emiro and I kepy commenting on how cute she looks already! See, we're biased parents even before she's born

Here's another shot of how she looked the entire time -- foot in face, sleeping


Ziva said...

היי ממוש, אני כותבת לך בזהות בדויה של אמא שלך אבל רק כך הצלחתי... איזה כיף לך שראית אותה אני זוכרת שכל הזמן רציתי שיהיה לי רוכסן בבטן שאפתח אסתכל עליה ואסגור. ודגש על "האסגור" כל עוד ניתן לסגור וללכת לישון בשקט. היא מקסימה קטנה וממש ממש כיף לך!
נשיקות מכולנו.דודה.

Leore_Joanne said...

Well, how CAN she be ugly, she has such a beautiful mother :)

איזה מגניב זה, היא לא נראית מפחיד בכלל, ממש כמו תינוקת! ונראה שיהיו לה שפתיים יפות :)

היא באמת נראית