Thursday, March 20, 2008

First two weeks in our new home!

  • We were supposed to receive internet/cable/phone on Thursday, but only ended up with cable. I wasn't complaining, though, because it allowed us to watch LOST and I had my iPhone to check email. Internet service followed shortly after.
  • This week was lots of fun because I got to spend lots of quality time with GIRLFRIENDS :)

Thursday night I met up with Ashley and Rachel in the city for dinner/drinks. We had a fabulous time venting/talking/laughing. Seriously, it was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again!

Me, Rach, Ash:

Then Rachel completely took me by surprise when she pulled out a baby gift her mom got me. I was blown away by the kind gesture. It was also my first BABY GIFT, which made it a zillion times more exciting.

I was overwhelmed and very touched by this gesture.... I made sure to drop by Rachel's place on the way home to personally hug and thank her mom :)

The following day I met up with Alexis for brunch at this really cute cafe shop in Westwood. Alexis had her 7 month old daughter Sophia with her, who is the cutest thing alive, with drop dead gorgeous blue-gray eyes and adorable dimples. It seems like whenever Alexis and I meet up we have so much to talk about (and, for two people who were raised on opposites sides of this earth, we have quite a bit in common!) and its always fun to catch up with her.

The beautiful Momma & daughter:

  • Still haven't had a full nights sleep. Between the back pains and our babbling radiator, I am up appr. every 30-45 minutes. Fun, right? Ummmm, no. ME NO THINK SO! It makes for one grumpy Noa, let me tell you that.
  • We're about 95% unpacked (woot!) and most of the closets have been organized. Theres more to do, of course, but the bulk is done. Going through everything slowly has allowed me to purge a lot of stuff we don't need as well, which is always good. I hate clinging on to clutter.
  • We love, love, love our new home. What we love most about it:
      • All of the extra SPACE and CLOSETS!
      • Huge dining room. Need to figure out what to put on the walls.
      • Huge master bedroom -- complete with 2 closets (believe it or not, we did not have even one closet in our bedroom until now. My closet was in the livingroom and emiro's was in the hallway). So, HALLELUJAH for not having to step outside our room to decide on clothes! Also, the room is so big I created a zen-like reading corner, complete with large armchair, ottoman, side table & reading lamp!
      • Our full size washer and dryer!!!!
      • Our dishwasher -- even though it doesn't work (we'll be getting a new one) - the fact that we can HAVE a dishwasher is mind boggling.
      • Our huge upstairs bathroom with large walk in shower. PURE HEAVEN. It even has 2 linen closets. SWOON!
      • Built in shelving units in the living room. Gives so much character and perfect to display all of the small knick knacks we've purchased during our trips around the world.
      • INSIDE GARBAGE CHUTE. Yes, you read that correctly. In the kitchen there is a small little door in the middle of the wall. Open the door, and you can throw small garbage bags which go straight into a garbage container in the basement. GENIUS! You know I will be throwing ALL of the dirty diapers in there :D
      • Complex Courtyard - there is the cutest courtyard with plenty of space to run around in and a little fountain in the middle. Love it.
    • Things we DON'T love about it are:
      • our crazy, loud, banging radiators. Super ordered new valves, I'm hoping it fixes the problem b/c we CANNOT continue sleeping like this.
      • upstairs toilet has no suction power That, combined with my lovely BM issues, has left me cursing and pumping with that damn superplunger. Gross. Too much information?
      • Upstairs bathroom is all done up with gold fixtures. PUKE.
      • Downstairs bathroom has a restroom toilet! I kid you not! It has no bowl (or whatever you call it), and the flusher is that long silver handle I always flush with my feet in restrooms. WEIRD. You have to lower the seat to get to it, too.
      • there is a squeaky floor section upstairs, right between the master bedroom and the bathroom. I'm worried its something that would wake up a sleeping baby, plus, its annoying as hell. I googled this problem and I don't think its something Emiro and I can fix -- might have to have a professional look at it.

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