Friday, March 7, 2008

Wow, its been a couple of weeks since my last update. I feel like time is FLYING by! We have less than 3 months until our due date (gulp) and it all still feels unreal.

Last week we registered for the baby- since I was surprised by having a baby shower planned for me (April the 13th), I went ahead with Emiro to BabiesRUs to start a registry. Let me say, it should be mandatory to give ALL new parents a strong painkiller before setting us off around the (huge) store to register for items. There is SO much out there, and so many brands and options..... I had a raging headache by the end. Luckily I was armed with several lists from friends who have already had babies, and they told me what is necessary / not necessary, which was really helpful.

I didn't have my camera with me, but we were able to capture our registering "fun" with the phone camera.

Emiro registering for a baby carrier:

Me registering for a stroller:

So, if I'm in a picture-posting mood, here are some additional photos from the month of FEBRUARY. The weekend after finding out we're having a GIRL, Emiro and I spent the weekend in West Point with our friends Rachel and Omer. On the way back home we stopped at the outlets and bought our first baby items...... I hadn't purchased anything until that moment, but I couldn't resist getting my hands on cute clothes once I found out its a little girl :)

With Rachel:

Our loot from the day's shopping spree:

Awwwwww!! Doesn't he look happy??

During February I also attended a Columbia University Alumni event, where a lot of my old classmates got to see me in my full pregnant glory. Quite a few of them didn't know I was expecting, so they were shocked to see the baby bump! The event was really nice -- open bar, not that I got to take advantage of that :-/

My darling friend from school - Matan (for those of you who are Israeli, his brother is the guy who won "The Shagrir" reality show in Israel - Eitan)

I also got to practice holding babies when I joined my friend Michal on a hospital visit -- her brother had a baby, and I got to meet him one day after the birth. It was pretty exciting and STRANGE to be holding a newborn and know soon I will have one of my own.... One I can't pass back to the parents when she starts screaming/pooping/fussing!!!

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