Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Allow me to whine for a little bit.......

Please let me preface by saying that obviously, the most important thing about yesterday's ultrasound was making sure our baby is healthy. That said, pleae keep in mind I had to make the appointment for this "big" ultrasound 3 months ago, and had been looking forward to January 15th ever since then (October). All of my friends who had the "big" ultrasound raved about how awesome it is - you get to see the baby in great detail for at least an hour, its a bonding experience, blah blah blah. I anticipated this day with so much excitement.

Well...... Ultrasound was one, big, honking disappointment. If it wasn't for the thrill of finding out the baby is healthy and a girl, I would have probably cried. The technician measured via ultrasound for over an hour -- but did not allow me to see!! Emiro saw most of it because of where he was sitting, but I felt so left out. The technician told me from the get go I will see the baby when the doctor comes. After an hour the doctor arrives, looks at the photos the technician printed, and then showed me the baby via ultrasound for ONE MINUTE. She asked us if we're finding out the gender, quickly looked between the legs and said "thats female genitalia, you're having a girl", showed us a profile shot, and thats IT. I was so shocked -- I've been looking forward to this "big" ultrasound for almost 3 months, and it was by far the lamest. We received 3 fuzzy pictures total, two of the profile and one of a foot. No entire body shot..... Nothing. No pointing out organs, brain, arms, nothing. Nada.

Once the excitement of finding out the gender wore off I got a bit sad (and might I say, slightly weepy) - I was looking forward to this so much and honestly our previous (less important) ultrasounds (one at 8 weeks to confirm age of the fetus and one at 12 weeks to look for possible downs syndrom) were much more detailed and informative for us. They were done at a different hospital (I'm kicking myself for not going back there!!! Why did I choose the one close to home?!?), and we had 2 TV monitors showing us the entire ultrasound while the technician was browsing around and taking pictures & measurements. Not so much this time . Emiro said he's willing to pay for us to have another ultrasound (3D which shows the baby in more detail) in a couple of months so I can have a better experience, but I'm still saddened. Thats another two months to wait. I was just expecting so much more... I know the important thing is a healthy child -- I KNOW. Really, not seeing the baby for more than a minute is not such a huge deal. I guess. Damn hormones!

Oh, and to add insult to injury, they listed my name in the computer as "noah" - great attention to detail, hospital staff.

Whine session over :) felt good to let it out.

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