Monday, January 14, 2008

State of the Pregnancy - 20 weeks

So as of yesterday I'm 20 weeks. TWENTY WEEKS! HOLY CRAP! How the hell did I make it to the halfway mark so quickly? This Tuesday (tomorrow) is our big ultrasound and we'll find out if this little pizpon is a girl or boy. I'm a bit nervous -- knowing the sex makes everything so final and real....... Its quite overwhelming to tell you the truth. I want to know, but then again I want to remain in blissful denial. I don't have any intuition as far as the sex is concerned (Emiro is sure its a boy..... surprise, surprise) and I think I will be fine either way. I always wanted a daughter, but seeing quite a few of my friends with darling little boys, and hearing stories about "mama's little boy" makes me feel fine with having a boy as well.

Some pregnancy updates:

  • Gas - not quite as gassy as I was during week 18, but still more gassy than usual. Last week (during the height of my, well, gassiness) Emiro stooped to kiss my belly while I was lying down and I totally gave a little toot. It was a riot, although a bit embarrassing (he was like "whats that? was that you?") but what the hell can I do?? It was a funny preggo moment, though :D
  • Showing - more and more people are asking me when I'm due, which is fun. Its totally obvious that I'm pregnant - I'm pretty small, and have this belly popped out in front of me. No strangers groping me yet, thank God!
  • Friends with no tact - I've realized that some people just don't realize what they say to pregnant people can be soooo offending. I know they don't MEAN to be rude, but I guess they don't understand how sensitive you are when you're knocked up. I'll give one example - I saw one of my friends a week ago after not seeing her for almost 2 months. When she saw my belly she said "you're so BIG!" to which I retorted "well, I'm 5 months along" to which she responded "you're the biggest 5 months pregnant woman I've ever seen" and hugged me. What the hell?? Are you serious?!?!?! ONE don't tell me I look big. Tell me I look nice, I have a cute belly, whatever. SECOND, I'm not that big! Yes, I'm skinny so my belly really shows, but seriously, THINK OF WHAT YOU'RE SAYING! Sheeesh! Totally took a blow at my self confidence.
  • Movement - I've spent the last couple of weeks eating more chocolate than ever before in my life in the hopes of feeling the bean move around. The past few weeks I occasionally felt something - but I wasn't sure if it was the baby or not. It felt like a muscle spasm, but also what could be a kick from inside. I was hoping its the baby, but didn't want to be imagining things because I'm so impatient. I rationalized that it could also be my tummy muscles stretching/splitting etc. Well, the past couple of days these "muscle spasm" feelings have become REALLY frequent, and occur in different spots between my pelvis and belly button - you can also feel it lightly when you put a hand on my belly. It will be like - two swift kicks to one spot.... quiet for a minute.... kick in another spot 3 inches down.... a couple minutes of quite.... three small thumps and then a big kick.... I realized that YES, its the little one kicking away inside! Definitely no "fluttering" sensation for me - the little spasms I've been feeling really sporadically (and the past couple of days frequently) are the little baby's jumping jacks. Its so cute and I always smile when I feel it. Actually, I've felt quite a few while writing this post. Emiro has already felt the baby 3-4 times and he LOVES it.
  • Clothes - I'm still milking out my non pregnancy clothes. Surprisingly I am still fitting into all of my pants (zipped up but not buttoned) and my long sweaters. Pretty soon I'll buckle down and buy some maternity clothes - but then I'll be stuck in them for the next 5 months. Blah.
  • Cravings - my constant craving for tomatoes has pretty much gone (although I will never say no to pizza). HOWEVER, I started craving chocolates and sweet stuff (do you hear that, Shira?!?! Where are your cookies when I need them?).
I don't have pictures of the 20 week belly, but here are some older pictures:



week 11


week 13


week 14


week 16


week 18

I promise to update ASAP with ultrasound photos :D


Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Noa, I'm Jenny and met your father online because of Conceptis. I think he told you about my recommending the pregnancy journal. Glad to see you are doing well and no,you don't look TOO BIG at all! Just right -- happy, glowing and the little belly to make it all more real! Beware of the touchy feely strangers in your future -- that REALLY bugged while pregnant.. I remember being at a concert and having to go to the bathroom BAD (as you know the bladder gets pretty small) and the security guard (blocking the shortcut to the ladies room)keeping me there with her hands FULLY on my belly as she told me all about her pregnancies while my bladder was ready to burst! Geesh -- if you wouldn't go up to a total stranger and grope them if they weren't pregnant what suddenly makes it ok when they are?! Would love to talk more and I wish you all the best for the next 1/2 of your pregnancy! -- Jenny

giL said...

Hi Noa, I met your father offline because of Conceptis... (LOL it was 7 years ago)

Anyways, this is just to tell you that I love they way you put everything up here. you really have a style and its always interesting to look into other people's life. at least for me.

BTW, my personal blogging activities also started at the same time with Nitsan's pregnancy. Please keep on writing! (and posting those cool photos)

Leena said...

Hi Noa, I met your father also online about 2 years ago and offline last summer because of Conceptis. I have a story in my blog about your fathers visit to Finland :)
I enjoyed reading your post.
Just don't listen to other people! I hope your friends don't tell any horror stories about the last weeks and the delivery and the time when the baby came home...
I heard lots of those 25 years ago :)
I wish you the best and like Gil said, keep on posting

Anonymous said...

Hi Noa
What a fantastic idea. By the way you look great. When I was 4 months pregnant with Roxanne I was as Big at the front as I was at the back and by the end of the pregnancy I was a big blob. But oh how it is worth it. There is nothing in this world like being a mum and I know you will be a great one. I assume that Emiro is speaking/singing to your tummy! I hear from Shira that you are planning on going to Israel in the summer, please let me know when as I will try and coincide a visit. All my love, Cuzzy Karen x

Dave said...

Hi Noa

It was SO exciting getting your phone call with the news "It's a girl!". Message was instantly relayed to the (soon to be) great gramps, uncle (he he) aunts (woooo!) and great aunts (with applause to the gender).

...And you look so thin and beautiful. Anyone with criticism is merely envious:)

Love, dad