Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Every day when I come home, I plop myself down on our comfy sectional and turn on the TV to see what goodies I have on Tivo. Usually the cats take advantage of this time for snuggling with me and getting their quality time with mama. Its funny, because recently their space on my lap has been slowly diminishing........ But they are not discouraged! This is the time I usually feel the little munchkin the most, so I like to have my shirt up and my hands on my belly.

For example, Fanta loves to use my belly as a little pillow for her head (you can kind of see my belly button is half popped out!!!):

"Why are you waking me up from my beauty nap??"

Plato sometimes likes to pretend he's on a beach, or something, and just lays eagle spread on me for hours.

And, from my point of view:

I wonder how they'll adjust to having less quality time with me (i.e. on me) when the baby arrives?

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