Friday, January 25, 2008

Pregnancy Update...........

So, I'm wrapping up week 21. I know I keep saying this (and will continue to....) but time is zooming by so quickly its absolutely insane!!

I must say, I am loving pregnancy. I'm embracing all of the body changes, the mood changes, the little kicks and tumbles I feel inside. Often when I pass a mirror I stare at my expanding stomach in complete astonishment -- how amazing is it that there is a growing life inside me? I've become calmer. Despite all of the scary and confusing life changes around me, there is also a serenity enveloping me, and it relaxes me in a way nothing else has. At moments I get really excited and I can't wait to meet the little one, but then I remind myself to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy which is passing so quickly. I'm taking advantage of this transition period and fully relishing in all things selfish - sleeping late when I can, spending lots of time hanging out with friends, going out at night when I can. I think one of the things I look forward to the most, though, (other than meeting my little girl!) is enjoying a nice, full glass of robost red wine! MMmmmmm, vino!!

I had my 21st week doctor's appointment a couple of days ago, and everything looked great. Blood pressure was 102 over 70, and total weight gain through the pregnancy is 6 lbs. Before we saw the doctor I notified the head nurse about my disappointing experience at the big ultrasound I had at the hospital. She was really surprised and said she will add this to the monthly report they compile on that outside service. I also asked her to contact the hospital and see if they can correct my name, thankyouverymuch. I got a little teary when I told her about my bad experience. DAMN! That was annoying. Probably looked like a hormonal mess.

Rockin' and Rollin' - well, I am definitely feeling the baby move around on a daily basis..... Mostly in the evenings and mornings when I am sitting or laying down. I'm starting to feel movements other than kicking and poking - now I can often feel when she's rolling around and doing saumersalts. Its so cute - and never fails to bring a smile on my face. I LOVE feeling her inside me.

Braxton Hicks - I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a couple of weeks now, which is interesting. Sometimes I don't feel any for hours, and sometimes I feel one every 5-10 minutes. It doesn't hurt - but I can feel certain areas tighten up and they become rock hard until the contraction is over. Also, its often the right and bottom areas of my uterus, which the doctor said is completely normal.

Wardrobe change - yesterday was my first day in maternity pants! I can still get by wearing most of my old jeans, but the maternity pants with the elastic waist were sooooo comfortable....... So I think I will start wearing mostly pregnancy clothes now. I have 2 pairs of pants my mom bought me while I was visiting in Israel, and I purchased a couple more pairs of jeans (and am waiting for them to arrive via mail!).

Cravings - I have moved from tomatoes to oranges. I can't seem to get enough of oranges lately! I'll peel them and eat them one right after the other without getting tired of it. YUMMMM. And generally speaking, my interest in sweet stuff has increased quite a bit. I'm ordering desserts nearly every time I eat out... And enjoy every bite to the fullest! Cheese, which is my usual induldgement, is a bit of a turnoff for me now, which is good considering I can't eat quite a few of the soft cheeses I love.

Now its time for some belly shots!!!

18 Weeks

21 Weeks (taken yesterday at work, my first day wearing maternity pants)

I think she gave me a kick right before I took this photo


Ziva said...

ילדה שלי
את נראית נהדר!!!!!!!!!!!!!יפיפיה !!!!!!!!!!!!
הלואי שיכולתי גם לגעת ולהרגיש את הקטנטונת. שמחה שאת מרגישה טוב. אוהבת אותך, אמא

Ziva said...

אנחנו באים בפסח!!!רק אני ואבא כי עומר לא רוצה לבוא.
אוהבת אותך, אמא

Leore_Joanne said...

וואי, באמת רואים צורה שנראית כמו רגל..