Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm 37 weeks already?!? How did that happen?

Pregnancy is zooming by me at top speed.... And when I say the weeks are flying, I mean flying at warped high speed. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm less than 4 weeks from my due date. After my parent's visit and my mom's saintly help in organizing everything (which was no small feat!), I can honestly say I feel sooooo much more prepared. But not completely. There are still things left on the to-do list :

- figure out nursery decor
- choose bedding
- choose rug & curtains
- wait for changing table to arrive - and arrange clothes in the drawers
- wait for glider to arrive
- wash baby's clothes (initial set with all of the limited essentials)
- install car seat bases in both cars (left message for 2 technicians in the area as per the list provided by Laura)
- buy nursing bras & nursing tanks
- pick up Amby from Rachel's storage
- have Emiro assemble the small changing table we purchased at Ikea for the downstairs changing station

I know some of the above is not important and can wait, I just prefer to knock out as many things as possible BEFORE the little one gets here.... Its the super anal in me, I guess. Hopefully this weekend I will have some of above tasks accomplished.

How do I feel?

I feel very heavy, definitely slower (I walk slower too, often while holding my stomach in my hands). Braxton Hicks contractions still coming at full force, sometimes every 4-5 minutes. I'm used to it by now, but its pretty freaky - on the strong contractions my stomach completely takes on different shapes and sizes and remains in that shape rock hard for about a minute. Usually the left side contracts the most.

I think 31 weeks was right at the brink from when I started feeling a shift from "cute pregnant woman" to "big shamu who can take only small steps". Don't get me wrong - I know I'm not huge or anything, but I certainly FEEL huge now. I puff when I go up stairs, I need some assistance getting up, and I have to coordinate how to roll off the bed when I'm lying down. Definitely not feeling sexy, if you catch what I mean. I have experienced minor swelling in the past couple of weeks - my fingers hurt when I flex them, and my rings are more snug. Most of my shoes feel more snug as well.

Biggest complaint thus far is BACK PAINS. I use hot compresses as much as possible and take long hot showers. Emiro rubs my back and I did indulge in a prenatal massage (courtesy of Emiro) but nothing really relieves the pain. Some days are worse than others, but the nights definitely are the worst with a pain that radiates up and down my lower back. Lately I have been waking up on my back because apparently I just can't seem to tolerate sleeping on my sides, despite whatever creative pillow arrangement I experiment with. *SIGH*

In the past 2 weeks I had 2 doctor appointments:

- blood pressure 110/70 both times
- total weight gain is now up to 24 lbs
- little girl is now HEADS DOWN!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!
- negative for Strep B
- measuring on point as far as fundal height
- still plenty of "pockets" with amniotic fluids
- as of today I am 1/2 centimeter dilated


So, here is what I looked like at 28 weeks:

Here I am at 30 weeks wearing the only pre-preg jeans that are so low I can button them up:

different shirt, same day, frontal shot

At 31 weeks

This is in our bedroom, right next to our reading corner

with the shirt down

35 Weeks -- about 2 weeks ago


Ziva said...

היי נועלה,
התמונות מדהימות...קשה להאמין שהיינו שם לא מזמן. את נראית מדהים!!!!אוהבת אותך, אמא

גאק said...

היי בובה!! חיכינו בקצר רוח לתמונות וסוף כל סוף שיתפת אותנו. אתנראית נהדר ממוש כוסית על!! למרות שאינך מרגישה סקסית...א ב ל תשאלי גברים הם חושבים אחרת...יש לך יופי של פינת ישיבה בלבן דרך אגב מאיפה היא ממש יפה ומן הסתם עוד תשבי עליה בהרבה לילות לבנים....חהחהחה.תשלחי עוד שנהיה שותפים גם אם מרחוק. נשיקות מכולנו דודה דוד ודודניות.