Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ACK! Whats going on with this weather?!? Its so gross outside, and raining, and chilly! Seriously, this is the end of MAY. Can we get some Spring, please? Or are we going to go straight into 100 degree weather? I'm seriously abusing my long sleeve maternity clothes - but I REFUSE to buy anything new right now. Oh, well!

Weekend and other updates

It was a rather relaxed weekend - weather wasn't cooperating on Sunday, but luckily Saturday was a sunny day!

The cats enjoying the view from the nursery (we only let them in when we're in the room - otherwise the space is off limits to them). Isn't that blooming tree beautiful (and pink)? The flowers are starting to fall so pretty soon we'll only have green leaves, but its gorgeous to look at while it lasts!

We started off Saturday by picking up Rachel at 9am in Manhattan and driving to her storage unit in the Bronx to pick up the AMBY swing which she is kindly lending to us (this is where the baby will sleep in the first couple of months, in our bedroom, before we transition her to the nursery). After dropping Rachel off, we parked the car on 94th street and walked through central park all the way down to 75th. Had a quick lunch, and then met up with our photographer to check out the proofs for maternity portraits we took last week (I will post some of those - she took some really great belly photos!).

Afterwards we just piddled around the city - coffee at Starbucks, a small dinner at a cute restaurant in Columbus Circle. It was fun to just spend some time walking around with Emiro and not have a set agenda - I forgot what thats like!

Putting the tummy to good use:

We then proceeded to walk from 56th street to 93rd street (with a stop for some yummy Gelato on the way) for an evening of babysitting Rachel's son Eli. It was a pretty mellow evening (Eli slept the entire time) - we watched a movie ("bee movie", which sucked IMO) and then Rachel and Omer sent us off home around midnight with their Papasan Swing for cupcake to borrow.

Sunday's weather was REALLY gross. Instead of doing the usual weekend runs to buy things we need (because we're almost done?!?!) we spent the day at home accomplishing small tasks -

- washed ALL of cupcake's newborn clothes, plus most of her 0-3 clothes, plus all of her sheets/blankets etc
- assembled her Snap 'n Go stroller (this is a cheap $50 stroller that only holds a car seat - very light weight and easy to take around, so its an alternative to our full size stroller) and made sure we knew how to put the carseat in and out
- put together the desk we bought at West Elm for the dining room work station
- hung a shelf above the desk
- threw away our old Ikea dining table we were using as a makeshift desk
- put up the new curtains we bought for the living room
- put together the swing and the Amby swing
- ordered new sheets for Amby
- ordered wedding pictures of Shutterfly that I will be framing and hanging in the living room (one year later!)

That was about it -- a bit boring, but at least knocked a couple of things off the to-do list. And the most essential things for cupcake (should she choose to arrive today or tomorrow) such as clean clothes, a bassinet for our bedroom (she will be shacking up with us for the first months!), hospital bag and installed car seat (Emiro's car only so far) are DONE. And that feels good.

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